How interviewers become interviewing experts

"Over 100 of our 300 employees have Comeet accounts. I’ve never heard of any recruiting software with this reach."
Rakia Offer
Tech Recruiter
interview coordination

Simplify scheduling

A great friend of recruiting coordinators everywhere, Comeet uses heavy doses of automation and common sense to lighten the workload for everyone who schedules, delegates, liaises, reserves and follows-up.

We eliminate coordination pain by:

  • Automating email templates
  • Centralizing information & data
  • Integrating Outlook & Gmail
  • @messaging among teammates
  • Personalized bulk emails
  • Streamlining room reservations

Save time with Auto-Scheduling

Reach candidates faster, strengthen employer brand and save your hiring team time with Comeet’s Auto-Scheduling.

  • Let candidates select the time that works best for them for 1:1 or panel interviews
  • Candidates don’t spend time waiting between interviews
  • Automatically reserve meeting rooms
  • Interviewers can block time for interviews directly on their calendar
interview types

Flexibility for every kind of conversation

Depending on the stage, recruiting requires different types of interviews and conversations. Comeet helps recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers be prepped and confident for everything.

  • Phone screen
  • Video interview
  • Technical interview
  • Personality interview
  • Panel interview
  • Behavioral interview
  • Performance interview
  • Reference check

Ensure meaningful interviews

Comeet streamlines prep so everyone can maximize their interactions with candidates. Extensive candidate profiles ensure they know whom they’re meeting, why they’re meeting, what to look for, and the evaluation criteria. Detailed prep ensures that interviewers will finish each conversation having learned exactly what they needed.

"Comeet is particularly helpful for Hiring Managers."
Orit Stanton
VP of HR

The right question at the right time

Individual questions are the building blocks of question sets and help interviewers understand what to ask and what to listen for. Start by searching hundreds of questions in our knowledge bank by job title, tags and keywords. Create sets for specific interviewers and positions and share them with teammates.


Integrate effective methodologies

Because you can create your own question sets, you can easily borrow or adapt one of the popular interviewing methodologies such as Lou Adler’s Performance-Based Interviewing or Geoffrey Smart’s WHO.

Interview Interface

Everything in front of you

Whether it’s in-person, on the phone, or over video, interviewers have everything they need right in front of them; complete candidate profiles, questions and evaluation scorecard. All they have to do is relax and learn about the candidate.


Make it easier for interviewers

Between interviews and great hires is a simple and structured process of collecting feedback. Custom scorecards (created when writing job descriptions) provide quantitative (ratings) and qualitative (free form) feedback options. Automated email reminders gently nudge interviewers to submit their assessments.