Built to improve your recruiting KPIs

"A lot of people at Fiverr who don’t even have HR titles are really involved with recruiting now. That’s a big change from before Comeet."
Viki Alper
HR and Recruiting (fmr)
pre-set reports

KPIs in Seconds = #FastData

Extensive reporting options ensure everyone’s informed and decisions are based on data—not guesses. You’ll understand what’s happening, working, and needs improvement. Dozens of pre-set reports provide need-to-know metrics and KPIs, including:

  • Recruiting funnel
  • Sourcing
  • Teammates
  • Time-to-hire
  • Time-to-onboard
  • Current steps
  • Disposition
  • Funnel optimization
  • Position reports
  • Recruiting health
Customizing Reports

Granular Queries
Created Quickly

If pre-configured reports don’t answer your questions, it’s easy to customize the data output. Change every value (such as time, source, department, and location) to display any type of information so you can compare and contrast to your analytical heart’s content.

Comeet Insights

Analysis as deep as you need

A platform built on top of Sisense for enterprise-level custom dashboards and reports. An easy way for your BI staff to get as granular as they need.