How Comeet pays
for itself

"Comeet optimized our hiring process in a very short time way beyond my expectations."
Ilan Stern
VP of Human Resources
Automated Administration

Eliminate 80% of the admin work

Dozens of tasks like communication, reminders and confirmations have been automated through software-driven intelligence, decision-based logic and  templates. Efficiency like this helps you hire top candidates before competitors decide they’re great, too.

Hiring Team Productivity

Task-driven workflows keep things moving

Everyone and everything is automated and coordinated by a system that schedules, reminds, and follows up. With information in the right place and every task assigned to the right person, the daily productivity of everyone involved in recruiting jumps.

Platform Flexibility

Ready for the present and future

Comeet is built for the unknown changes you’ll make in your recruiting processes; your headcount growth and the new tools and services you’ll add to your HR stack. Whether you grow from 50 to 5,000 people and double the stack, Comeet will evolve with you.

Unlimited Ease-of-Use

Intuitiveness the first time and thereafter

Getting started with Comeet is stress-free and fast; a seamless onboarding process makes new users comfortable and productive in minutes. Infrequent users who log in 3-4 times a year won’t struggle trying to remember where to go and what to click.

Recruiting Planning

Align hiring processes and business objectives

Comeet’s insights and KPI reports enable you to accurately plan future recruiting based on how quickly you’ve filled past positions. You’ll know exactly how to staff up your recruiting team and budget appropriately.

Compliance Tools

Protection from GDPR, EEOC and OFCCP liability

GDPR is now live; so is your exposure risk. While GDPR isn’t your only compliance obligation, it’s a big one. Comeet has set-and-forget compliance features and options that take care of compliance hassle and provide daily peace of mind.

Candidate Database

Leverage the work you’ve already done

With our advanced search, you can boldly go deep into your candidate database, helping  reduce sourcing costs and time-to-hire metrics. Tagging and keyword searches enable you to locate hidden talents before starting a conversation with them.

Free Job Boards

Job boards that save time and money

We’ve integrated lots of free and paid options to promote your openings on speciality and regional job boards around the globe. Need to find a research analyst in Germany or sales engineer in Singapore? You’ll find the job boards you need.

Referral Programs

All-in-One Referral Efficiency

Everything you need to run a soup-to-nuts referral program is here. You’ll get great candidates, increase employee engagement and satisfaction, as well as reduce cost-per-hire.

Interview Excellence

Right question. Right time. Always.

Comeet’s interviewing features are unmatched. Every interviewer knows exactly what to ask, and what to listen for. It’s like having an interview consultant sitting in on every conversation.  


Data-driven decisiveness

Extensive reporting options, from instant one-click answers to granular filtered queries, enable you to measure what matters. Discover what’s working and identify improvement areas to optimize your budget and hiring team performance.

Quality of Hires

Adieu to hiring mistakes

Most recruiting tools do little more than track resumes and data. They don’t help teams discover, share and consider the most important and relevant information upon which they base hiring decisions. Comeet does.

Day One ROI

Comeet pays for itself every time it helps schedule interviews, ensures interviewers ask the right questions, and identifies the most cost-effective sources. It pays for itself with the insights and reports produced from extensive data analysis. Most importantly, Comeet pays for itself every time you make the best hire for your company.