A Smart Shortcut to Your Shortlist

"After you start using Comeet you will see many more managers involved with recruitment and logging into the system"
Nir Keen
Former CTO, Adsap

Fast top-of-the-funnel filtering – Screen and filter job applicants

Asking the right questions right at the beginning is a powerful time saver for a busy recruiter. Creating surveys is simple. Multiple Q&A formats help ensure initial candidate relevance and raise sourcing quality.

Screen and Filter Job Applicants
  • Answers form part of candidate profile
  • Export candidates’ answers in Excel-friendly format
screen and filter job applicants
  • Headshots
  • Searchable resume
  • Linkedin profile
  • Social media profiles
  • Searchable images
candidate profiles

Rich biographies created automatically

Comeet automatically creates profiles that go well beyond the contents of a candidate’s resume. As individuals progress through the recruiting workflow, more information is added, including interview scorecards, team discussions, reference feedback, test results and other comments.

When it’s time to choose, having everything about every candidate in one place makes screening and identifying the best one much easier.


A semi-automated time-saver

Duplicate candidates are massive time-wasters so we automatically resolve or flag them for review. When name, contact information or resume text matches are identified, resolution includes:

  • Automatically notifying agencies about pre-existence
  • Source history view in candidate’s profile
  • Easily merging duplicates
  • Defining when to merge applications and start parallel hiring
initial screening

One-click efficiency for Hiring Managers

When a resume arrives, Comeet automatically creates a candidate profile and notifies the first person (usually the recruiter) in the workflow. After a preliminary assessment, hiring managers have a simple one-click “Green for Go. Red for No” decision. Go/No Go screening processes resumes really, really fast.

Comeet Insights

Understand why candidates weren’t a fit

Screen and filter job applicants better. You’ll be able to identify why candidates were rejected or withdrew, then determine whether there are any trends suggesting improvement opportunities for your sourcing strategy and tactics.