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Retail and Consumer Products Job Descriptions

From small boutique stores to chains with thousands of stores, the retail sector employs a wide range of employees to do everything from select and source products, merchandise them in outlets, engage customers and sell to them.  Some positions are support ones like procurement managers and buyers while others are customer-facing on the ‘sales floor,’ like store associates, store managers and cashiers.  When refining your position descriptions, It’s important to highlight your company’s characteristics such as the types of retail locations you have, such as speciality stores or big box ones, and the products you offer, as well as each position’s characteristics like whether it’s compensation is commission-based and the types of work schedules.

Depending on the specific role, you’ll want to focus on particular applicant qualities but in virtually any type of customer-facing retail position, be sure to focus on those individuals with strong interpersonal skills, a customer-first attitude and strong sales presence.  For other roles, dependability, trustworthiness, collaboration, flexibility and a strong work ethic is key.  Be clear in your job description what level of experience is needed for each position.  For entry-level positions, the requisite level of experience is likely to be low, whereas for store managers and others, you may wish to have someone with experience from a similar retail brand.  Highlight the benefits from working at your store, what values the brand represents and what you see as the success criteria for the particular role.  Use the template below that’s most similar to the open role(s) you have and customize accordingly to the responsibilities and requirements of your position.

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