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Manufacturing, Transport, and Logistics Job Descriptions

Manufacturing related jobs encompass a wide range of positions in both the public and private sectors, often in factories, warehouses or other types of manufacturing or delivery facilities.  Positions can range to those ‘on the manufacturing floor’ like forklift operators, electricians, CNC operators and quality inspectors.  For many positions, you may need to specify particular work experience and technology or machine knowledge.  Other roles may reside in related office or support environments like purchasing agents, supply chain analysts or logistics managers.  These roles may involve critical issues like managing a company supply chain or procurement operations and require specific depth of functional expertise.

When crafting job descriptions, be sure to focus on particular skills, educational requirements or industry expertise most suitable for the job.  However, don’t be too narrow in your qualification process as tools and technologies change and it can be more important to hire staff with the right attitude and characteristics like dependability and precision, as well as the ability to learn as new innovations take hold in your organization and across your industry.  Do be clear in what the work environment is like, job scheduling requirements, level of team collaboration and client/customer interaction.  Highlight the benefits of joining your company from what skills a prospective employee can learn to the impact the employee can have on your organization.

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