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Healthcare and Medical Job Descriptions

Modern medical complexes and healthcare facilities require a wide array of positions to run efficiently. From large urban hospitals to home healthcare providers, there’s a huge demand to deliver medical services as the population ages and demand for such services increases.  For each function, there are very specific requirements but in all cases, a strong caring and patient focused personality is most important.  Some positions are dedicated to providing patient care such as physical therapists and physician assistants to ER doctors, OR nurses and EMTs.  Others are more focused on the administrative side such as medical secretaries, medical receptionship and healthcare administrator.

When putting together your job description, start with the one most closely tied to the position you’re hiring for.  While there are certain commonalities for a given role, each can vary greatly depending on the type of facility, patient population and care given.  Also be clear in specifying what the workload and typical workday hours look like.  For example, are you recruiting for a business hours only role, or is there a need for flexibility in scheduling that could involve weekend and/or nights.  Be sure to specify what specific requirements, degrees, certifications, technology expertise and any other particular skills that are necessary.

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