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Human Resources and Recruitment Job Descriptions

If your company is doing any amount of hiring or even simply has more than a few employees, it’s likely you have a need for qualified HR and recruiting professionals.  And for larger-sized organizations, there’s probably a need for ongoing hiring efforts necessitating a specialized recruiting team.  Depending on the volume and type of talent you’re seeking, you may need to bring on board permanently or on a contract basis executive recruiters, talent acquisition specialists or technical recruiters.  To support corporate needs beyond simply recruiting, you may be in the market for benefit specialists, compensation analysts and a variety of HR professionals.

For most of these roles, you’ll want to hire experienced professionals with a strong understanding of HR regulations, processes and best practices.  Depending on the position level you’re seeking, you’ll need to specify the amount of experience necessary along with any particular educational and/or industry requirements.  For most roles, you’ll certainly need candidates with strong interpersonal skills and computer tool proficiency; for the more specialized roles, you may need to focus on applicants with quantitative and presentation skills.  Update the HR job description template most suitable for your target role(s) and customize it accordingly with the particular needs of your organization.

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