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Marketing and Communications Job Descriptions

There are a wide range of marketing and communication related jobs but generally all focus on professionals offering different types of visual, written or other communication skills to their companies.  With so many different types of positions in this category, from social media specialists, communication managers and marketing directors to photo editors, copywriters and PR staffers, it’s important to understand from your own perspective, exactly what type of role you need.  There can be a lot of overlap among these positions, and responsibilities for the same position can vary across companies, so make sure to first understand what you need.  It’s worth reviewing a number of the different job descriptions and merge elements of them together if necessary to craft one for the exact role you need.

Skill sets can vary so first be clear and consistent internally with what your needs are, as that will help you refine what you’re looking for.  Are design skills or presentation skills more important?  Are you looking for a project manager, a writer or a branding expert?  It’s also important to consider the other members of your marketing & communication team to identify the gaps you have and those you’re looking to fill.  Remember that prior job descriptions, from coordinators to managers to directors and more also vary across companies, so be clear in your description the level of experience needed as well as any particular tools or technologies like marketing automation platforms or design programs that you use.  However, don’t ignore proficiency in one vendor’s solution that’s similar to what you use.  The candidates that you want, those that exhibit adaptability, flexibility and eagerness to learn, should be able to come up to speed with the specifics of your environment.  Highlight what’s exciting about your company and the types of projects your team works on to attract the highest quality applicants.

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