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Hospitality and Tourism Job Descriptions

The hospitality and tourism sectors require a large number of trained staff to deliver pleasant and engaging experiences to their customers.  With new restaurants, destinations and resorts always opening, a not insignificant amount of turnover, and often a number of entry or junior level type roles, recruiting and hiring – and maintaining – enough qualified staff can prove challenging.  That’s why the applicant sourcing process and identifying the most likely applicants to prove effective long term employees is so important.

Bear in mind that the experience needed in a small restaurant or fast food franchise can differ greatly from a large tourist destination, event space or high end restaurant.  Whether hiring wait staff, prep cooks, bartenders or baristas, a strong focus on dependability and delivering a customer-friendly, personable attitude with strong interpersonal skills is a necessity.  In many of today’s facilities, there’s also a demand for proficiency in using modern payment and ordering technologies so make sure to specify any specific requirements you may need or ensure you can properly train for the skills necessary to perform the job.  For other roles like restaurant managers or event coordinators, other qualities  like organization, leadership, quantitative and presentation skills can prove important.  Understand the unique characteristics of your own location and be sure to refine your job descriptions to highlight them accordingly.

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