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Information Technology Job Descriptions

Virtually every organization today, whether a software technology company or other company that simply relies on technology tools and applications, has a need for highly skilled technical and IT professionals.  The market for such individuals is increasingly competitive so it’s important to both be clear in what you’re seeking as well as highlight why someone should join your company.  Technical workers often focus on the types of projects they’ll work on, clients they’ll work with and technologies they’ll learn.  From database administrators and and software developers to data scientists and game designers, each is focused on what they can accomplish and how they can progress their own careers by succeeding in their next role.

For these types of positions, there are clearly certain technology skills that are important, from programming languages & tools and development frameworks to industry knowledge and deep functional expertise like iOS/Android or machine learning.  But the team atmosphere and work environment is also something that you want to emphasize when building a job description.  Is the role highly collaborative in a team setting, does it involve working closely with customers, does it require junior talent development or is it more an individual contributor type.  Many of the basics of IT roles can sound similar across organizations; that’s why it’s important to specify the particular characteristics of yours as well as the culture of your own development organization.  Use your job description to not only qualify those that meet your requirements but to entice the best candidates to apply and learn more about the opportunity.

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